Lisa Johnson
"There is always a reason a horse appears in a woman's life. It is no accident when they come to us, if only in our dreams. However they make their presence, their impact is permanent. Carrying us at crossroads, assisting us with burdens, empowering us with sensations of flight and freedom, they often catch us off gaurd with the possibility of new horizens and secret gates to our souls that need healing."  ~Melissa Sovey-Nelson
Speaker~Clinician~Equine Assisted Life Coach
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Welcome to Reins For Renewal! 

It is my hearts desire that you will find information, inspiration, and opportunity here! 

As a woman who was given this "horse crazy" desire, I understand the desires and complex emotions that women have for horses. I am so very thankful that God has allowed horses to be part of the incredible healing that has changed my life and given me a message.

Women are drawn to horses for all sorts of reasons,but for the most part, we are drawn to them for very emotional reasons! God created women to want to nuture and love, therefore, we tend to carry out those traits with our 1200 lb friends. However, many women, especially those buying their first horse, or those returning to horse ownership later in life, are challenged by the level of assertiveness and confidence required to effectively handle & ride a horse. Reins For Renewal Empowers Women with their horses by increasing rider knowledge and confidene through Clinics, Workshops, and On-Line Coaching. With heart-felt passion, I will inspire you as you seek to better your life through a relationship with your horse, while teaching you valuable life and spiritual lessons from a positive Christian perspective. I am excited to hear from you!
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Upcoming Events
"I just wanted you to know that I went to 4 clinics this year. Jake Telford and Zane Davis....NRCHA Open Futurity winners. Yours....and Mike Bridges (old school snaffle/hackamore/two-rein/bridle guy who is also trained in classical dressage from direct training at the Spanish riding school in Vienna. Mike is in a wonderful league of his own (if you ever get a chance, go to one....a total genius in bitting and biomechanics)... He also trained two NRCHA Hall of Fame horses in the 80's. HOWEVER.... I got more compliments on my dry work after your clinic....and the guy who showed my palomino as a snaffle said that I quite notably started riding better after your clinic, way more than any others. I ride with some extremely talented cow horse people/cutters and they all are interested in who this lady from Kansas is....! Just thought you might like to know that the proof is on the pudding....and my dry work improved enough that people REALLY noticed. Thanks Lisa!"
~Megan Winderl, Montana
What Women are Saying About Lisa
"Thank you for helping me fall in love
 with my horses again!"
~Jaye Keil, Great Bend, KS
"I have a horse that I just felt like I could not get to the next level and WE DID IT!!! Lisa and her gentle spirit (she is tiny but mighty) got me there."
~Linda Lilly, Salina, KS
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July 10-12-3i Show Dodge City, KS-Western State Bank Expo

August 2-3 Attending a Shawn Flarida Clinic in KC,MO

September 13- Walk/Trot Afraid to Lope Clinic-Dodge City, KS
Youth 12 & up may attend may attend on a safe horse.

September 14-Learning to Lope,
Dodge City, KS
Youth 12 & up may attend on a safe horse.

October 24-25-"Levels" Clinic
Eighty-Four, PA

November 22-Intermediate-Body Control Clinic, Dodge City, KS

November 23-Leads & Lead Changes, Dodge City, KS